I have never seen Maÿlis without a smile on her face. Super jolly. Good vibes. What a ball of joy!

Maÿlis is Parisian, and we met when we were both studying abroad in Shanghai back in 2011-2012. I had not seen her since! She happened to be working in Lisbon as I was visiting, so it was very wonderful to be able to catch up. We roamed the streets of Lisbon in search of a bar, and settled in at a small restaurant that served us ‘green wine’ (Vinho Verde). Maÿlis was under the impression that green wine was always sparkling, but that is not the case!

Afterward, we went out for more drinks, and Peta and Emma joined us! The Bairro Alto district, which is both where we were staying and where we grabbed drinks, is a really cool area. Winding streets are stockpiled with bars and restaurants, and both locals and tourists gather together for a lively evening.

Until next time Maÿlis! Perhaps in Paris? Just don’t let it be another six years.