Carolina and I met in the summer of 2015 while on a city tour in Copenhagen. How truly great it was to be able to see her again after three years. She gave me an excellent tour of Porto (granted she works in the tourism industry), but I’d have to say that she was actually the most interesting part of my visit to Porto. From a blues connoisseur to a World War II history buff, Carolina’s interests correspond very well to my own, though she seems to be far more proficient on those subjects. Her views on tourism are rather insightful and stimulating, and they attest to her tremendous compassion for others. It’s hard to explain why we connected so well, but I think she shares a very very similar view of the world as I do. And, sometimes, it can be really nice to have that with someone.

Sadly, it was time to part ways at the end of the night, though Carolina couldn’t let me leave without gifting me a bottle of her favorite wine. What a delightful human being that I wait impatiently to see again.